Our Clients

Our clients are successful entrepreneurs, professionals and pro athletes. 

These three groups share a universal experience. They all hear, at one time or another, the conventional idea that their dreams and goals are unrealistic, unachievable or impractical. Young, aspiring athletes are often told, “making the pros is a pipe dream.” Business owners risk building their legacy amidst doubters and naysayers (maybe even their own inner voice during moments of doubt). Executives fight, scratch and climb to reach their station in highly competitive companies. But these unique people possess an uncommon, innate personal will to persevere despite the doubt. They were the early-risers, the stay-laters, the go-the-extra milers when many of their peers took the easy road.

In their formative years, they had a handful of people who believed in them - their parents, a teacher, a coach, a loyal friend. When they were starting at the bottom, someone was there cheering them on, reassuring them, building their confidence, and being the voice of reason when they needed it. Some of us measure our real wealth by the number of closely held believers we call friends and family.

Commonwealth Advisory Group believes in uncommon thinkers and doers – the successful entrepreneurs, executives and athletes we’re honored to call our clients. They are the difference-makers that hold uncommon visions, goals and dreams. Our passion is building and stewarding the Longevity Blueprints - road-maps to your financial goals, that are intended to preserve the wealth our clients have built, and the lifestyles they seek to balance and preserve. Our measure of success is earning a spot on their small roster of names they call “personal advisors.”

Our Services

Customized and Comprehensive

At Commonwealth Advisory Group, Ltd., we offer comprehensive investment management and financial planning services aimed at addressing your specific situation and objectives. All of our products and services are recommended and provided with a single purpose: to help you achieve your lifelong financial goals.

We believe a highly customized and comprehensive approach to planning is vital to setting you on a path toward financial security and keeping you on track through market shifts and changes in your own finances and personal needs. By offering investment management, financial planning, and tax planning services all under one roof, we provide a bird's-eye view of your finances and the convenience of working with a single firm for all your wealth management needs. 

At Commonwealth Advisory Group, Ltd., we are all about building and maintaining relationships.  We work to earn your trust, and believe that a hands on and personal approach is what drives that trust.  Our focus is our clients, and we are always committed to that approach.   

Our services include:

  • Investment Management: Designed to leverage your assets to support your personal long-term financial goals, our holistic investment management services utilize a dynamic investment process with clear performance objectives.
  • Financial Planning: Our Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) offers decades of experience to support all aspects of financial planning, including retirement planning and estate planning.

The Commonwealth Process

Designed to ensure clarity, confidence and lifestyle longevity through uncommon wealth stewardship

Commonwealth Advisors’ believes that long-term investment success for our clients requires uncommon stewardship and a custom strategies for diversifying, managing risk and staying on a path toward their wealth lifestyle preservation.

Request a Future Vision Meeting

Understanding your vision for happiness and contentment in the future

We invite you to contact us to arrange a Future Vision Meeting with one of our advisors. In this sit down discussion we aim to understand what is most important in your life – your greatest opportunities, dreams, goals, potential obstacles and fears you want to eliminate. Together, we create shared clarity on your goals for the next few years and throughout your lifetime.

Request a Future Vision Meeting